Baby Vanga are tripped-out and full of mischief on new single “In Time Waiting”.

Without a suggestion of negative thought in its ecstatic bones, the latest winner from the lysergic London 6-piece reminds us again of their psychedelic-pop prowess.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell

Spoon it in your mouth, awkwardly. Chew. Ignore the dry and earthy taste. Wretch. Almost throw up but nobly power through. Swallow. Breathe. You’ve just dosed up on Baby Vanga, baby, so let’s lay back on a springtime lawn and let the drugs kick in…

There’s no need for apprehension here. The latest concoction from the Baby Vanga laboratory is an unequivocally giddying trip. Nothing bad could possibly happen ever, for now and for the rest of existence.  Within the utopian climes of “In Time Waiting”, every moment or coincidence is endowed with the most propitious luck; there’s an ear-to-ear, Cloud 9 smile indelibly etched onto its silly little face. It is simply glowing with its gloopy synths of swooning delight; its twangy, troubadour riffs; its bounding, weightless, irresistible groove, skating ‘cross consciousness in one revelatory, hallucination.

Going up, going down, and going up again, “In Time Waiting” is a twinkling psych-pop gem. Marrying the grinning mischief of Babe Rainbow with that British quaintness of Barrett’s Pink Floyd, it sounds at once refreshingly modern yet curiously beyond the limits of time.