Neo-New Waver Oliver Marson presents hard-fought luxury on ‘Blue Dreams’.

The latest cut from the London-based artist breaks new sonic ground, as Marson dares to forgo the synth.

Photo: Chantal Marson | Words: Joshua Tubb

‘Blue Dreams’ is the buttery new single from London new wave rocker Oliver Marson, and he truly breaks new ground on this latest cut. Marson’s music is brimming with surprises, establishing pop tropes before deviating into something altogether different as he traces the length of a song.

‘Blue Dreams’ is arranged as if by unknown powers, a compilation of complicated feelings blended with colourful tones. Marson’s vocal serves as an emotional anchor, making time stand still as he brings melodic vitality to his gut-feel lyrics. There are shades here of the silky vocal performances of Alex Cameron and his 2022 release ‘Oxy Music’ in particular. The track is a departure from previous material, as Marson’s own comments acknowledge: “Believe it or not there are NO synths in this one. Just guitars that sound a bit like synths.” This shift is felt in the powerfully primal verve this brings to his polished sound.

Lyrics glide over the song’s heartbeat, decadent and indulgent in delivery and content. “I could take you on a cruise to the Seychelles, Or the Bahamas, We won’t have to see these people again”. This escapist sentiment provides an emotional context for Marson’s synth – or synth-adjacent – sound, which becomes a façade of glamour removed from a troubled reality. ‘Blue Dreams’ tells a compelling story, with the detached feeling of watching one’s past life in grim anticipation of the mistakes made.