North London’s For Breakfast sustain their habit for engrossing musical narratives on 7-minute epic.

Mythic adventurousness and existential uncertainty meet psych-rock phantasmagoria on new single ‘Dare of the Hog’.

Photo: Marieke Hulzinga | Words: Elvis Thirlwell

Like the protagonist of Friedrich’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, the opening section of For Breakfast’s latest single ‘Dare of the Hog’ hangs pensive and inscrutable, brimming with the mysteries of its own unwritten futures. “Here I am. I have been here before. I have crossed a line.”

During this time, as they slowly prospect this existential uncertainty, a few daring questions wander into the minds of our innovative North London seven-piece: “What if we take the plunge down? What if we jump into the mist? What if we delve downward into that unknown, submit ourselves to whatever calamities or glories may await us there?”

More than any For Breakfast release so far, ‘Dare of the Hog’ fills the listener with this acute sense of chivalrous adventure; it is a like voyage through several cornerstone episodes of myth, soundtracked by an intoxicating brew of psych-rock phantasmagoria. The slow intensity of the aforementioned intro grows like Roxy Music’s ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’, full of expectation, full of dread. The thunderous bass driven rock stomp that follows, with it’s honking sax and shredded guitar frets; that final, euphoric burst of twinkling synth delivering an infectious, hip-shaking rapture. It is as if each movement in the music is entirely necessary, entirely organic; pre-ordained and drawn from the ether, from the space between the atoms.

Taken, impressively, from a live session recorded at the Shoreditch Strongrooms, Dare of the Hog/Hair of the Dog/Blare of the Flog is as grand a statement as For Breakfast have ever achieved.