Newcomers Human Interest look into the future as they keep ‘Mixing Paint’.

Joint writing captured in a song title.

Photo: Dougie Chalmers | Words: Augustus Carse

Human Interest have been enjoying growing popularity in the London grassroots music scene for a while now; and the scene has been waiting for their new release. ‘Mixing Paint’ is one for the shoegazers. An exploration of their grungier side, this song perfectly exemplifies the honest lyricism, for which they are so revered. In typical fashion for them, it is paired with signature bass lines both rumbling and catchy. Human Interest’s sound bares echoes of Moldy Peaches love songs, Pavement style disillusion, and The Velvet Underground’s beauty and dread. It is all artfully sewn together, culminating in something entirely and unmistakably their own – both nostalgic and forward looking; moody and hopeful.

This is the first of their tunes spearheaded by bassist, Tyler. The seed of it was planted a few months prior, but sat germinating in a voice-note on her phone until one hungover morning. They spent the day taking it in turns to author sections independently of one another, coming together at the end to write the final verse as a pair. Guitarist, Harry, recognises the song as marking a step forward in their sound.
Released on Nice Swan Records, this track marks both the end of a productive year for Human Interest, as well as the start of another one. Their first EP was well received in March, as have been the two 2 singles since. Although a date hasn’t been set, they have mentioned intent of another EP in 2023, which we eagerly anticipate.

The duo are fantastic to see live. They saturate the room with a sultry, cool energy. It is a performance full of mojo and quiet electricity. Before mentioning when and where they’re playing, it’s worth offering a small disclaimer. DO NOT take your partner to the gig. They will fall in love with one of them. You will pale in comparison. Your relationship will never recover.