2022 by its Artists #3: Mike O’Malley (caroline)

Mike O’Malley of caroline offers up his take on 2022, reflecting on the release of the band’s debut album and some of his favourite releases from the year

Photo: Magdalena McLean

2022 has been a defining year for caroline, who released their magical self-titled debut on Rough Trade back in February. Their music possesses an impressive restraint and demonstrates strong command over ideas as well as a sharpened collective mind with its own instincts and identity. The album tour has taken the group on tour around England and Europe as well as America’s East Coast for the very first time. Mike checked in with us to reflect on his year making and listening to music.

Album of the Year

God Save The Animals by Alex G

I am still listening to it most days since it came out in late September. Somehow he puts out better and better records each time. This one is so developed in every aspect. Every song is beautiful and it is so addictive to listen to.

Honourable mentions go to: Yes Indeed ‘Rotten Luck’ / Ulla ‘Foam’ / Naima Bock ‘Giant Palm’ / Rosalía ‘Motomami’ / Shygirl ‘Nymph’ / Maria BC ‘Hyaline’ / Two Shell ‘Icons’ / Jockstrap ‘I Love You Jennifer B’ / Black Midi ‘Hellfire’ / Big Thief ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’ / Richard Dawson ‘The Ruby Cord’

Song of the Year

‘dj’ by Jim Legxacy

This is a really amazing collage of things that works so well. Another one that is very addictive to listen to.

Personal Highlight

My personal highlight with caroline was playing at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan. New York is one of my favourite cities so it was a surreal dream to be able to perform there, but also it was a really rowdy show which was very fun and unusual for us. All the little gaps of quietness or pauses in our songs were punctuated by people yelling, like, ‘yeah!!!!’ It was so funny and encouraging rather than being mood-breaking.

Favourite Live Show
My favourite live show was Charli XCX at Glastonbury. I haven’t really seen many large-scale pop performances like that, it was amazing, and she even played a few deep cuts from ‘how i’m feeling now’ which was a very nice surprise as it’s my favourite album of hers by far.

Stay tuned throughout December for end of year reviews from more of our favourite artists!