2022 by its Artists: #1 Platonica Erotica

The multifaceted talent who was told she was like “if Coraline played the synth” talks us through her year, which included the release of her debut EP and a UK tour supporting Black Country, New Road

Photo: Tatiana Pozuelo Mendez

As the year draws to a close, Spotify gets wrapping, and blogs everywhere scramble to decide their albums of the year, we wanted to know what the artists behind some of our favourite 2022 releases made of it all. First up: Platonica Erotica, who put out her self-titled debut EP back in May (check out what we made of it here). Over to you Hannah!

A Year As Platonica Erotica

by Hannah Hayden

Every single year I experience new joys that had not seemed possible before, and I uncover new miseries that I never even knew existed. Music-wise, however, 2022 was full of a lot of firsts, and births are good, so let’s take a look at my gratitude list of sorts for the last twelve months.

‘A Year in Review…’

On Valentines Day, we released the video for “I Want To Be Every Man I Meet,” directed by James Ogram and featuring choreography by Yasmine Lindskog. It is one of my favourite projects I’ve ever done as Platonica Erotica. I love dancing, I love bleak and spooky noises of my own creation, I love black and white films, and I love dragging myself around on the floor in giant clothing.

In May, I did a solo live video for State 51 that featured the creative expertise of costume archivist Alexia Marmara, who dressed me up in an ensemble inspired by Dazzle Ships. Have you ever seen a Dazzle Ship? This method of high-visibility camouflage was devised by Norman Wilkinson in WWI to confound German U-boats with their brash patterns, which often included stripes and swirls. How darling! Every best kept secret is hidden in plain sight. This applies to everything.

WW1 Dazzle Ship, Everett

Also in May, my very first EP was released on Slow Dance Recordings! I don’t know what else I can say about it. The songs are varied, and dark. The artwork is a magisterial painting by Athen Brady of, well, me. There is a backdrop of a city, there are stage curtains. The palette is perfect. Platonica Erotica is very dark with blushes of dusty pink.

At the end of May, which looking back was a pretty damn full month, my bassist Zach Young & drummer Ben Limmer & I hit the road for five UK dates with dear pals Black Country, New Road. We ate much hummus, drank Red Stripe, and I cried every single night at May’s song about a pig. My favourite venue out of those was the Brudenell in Leeds, where someone referred to me as ‘if Coraline played the synth.’

Okay, back in London. I grew up and retired all my old prom-sounding songs. I began playing the guitar on stage, which has always scared me bit. I snapped up dear Louie Barby AKA Slow Cooked to play cello. We are now a four-piece, and we are all joined in theatrical, heavy-handed gothic matrimony with an entirely new set list. It is the happiest I’ve ever been with how the project sounds… Watch out, world!!!

Well, that was my year as Platonica Erotica! I can’t wait to share all the new things in the works, and to continue my rampage as the luckiest girl in the whole world because I get to work and spend time with such talented and gorgeous people all the time.

‘My Favourite Things…’

EP: Mercy’s Cut by Bingo Fury.

I love Bingo Fury and everything that Bingo Fury stands for. I am always drawn to records with a hint of uneasiness because I myself am uneasy. These atonal, melodically commanding songs hold your attention.

EP: Satan Club by Satan Club

Transporting folk music that I need in this grey and scary city. At the launch gig I told everyone that I was dating Skrillex, for personal reasons.

ALBUM: ‘Motomami’ by Rosalía

I listened to ‘Hentai’ approximately seventeen billion times in April alone.

SONG:Key To The City’ by Sorry

This song dug the knife in deeper for me. Masterful use of a pained gasp. I always gasp when I’m singing along, which is often.


Cello Night at the Windmill on November 27th. The first time I stepped into the Windmill was five years ago, and this last night I played was the most wholesome event I’ve attended there.

Blossom Caldarone played No Surprises with an entire string section on stage, which was remarkably impressive. The New Eves, a new four-piece folk rock outfit from Brighton whose sound oscillates between Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tom Waits is the best band I have seen in years.


The birth of new songs even when I didn’t know how they’d materialise, reaching new heights of onstage drama, and having the hottest band in London.

Stay tuned throughout December for end of year reviews from more of our favourite artists!

Check out Platonica Erotica by Platonica Erotica here

Still from “I Want to Be Every Man I Meet’, directed by James Ogram