Adam Hopper serves up a wistful slacker pop gem on debut single ‘Beauty in Sadness’.

Ex-Blanketman misfit swaps punk for ponderance on first solo outing.

Photo: Through the Eyes of Ruby | Words: Elvis Thirlwell

Celebrating rainy days, green fingers and early nights-in, Hopper’s debut is a far-cry from the rambunctiousness of the defunct Mancunian indie rockers Blanketman. Finding hedonism in solitude, in the menial introversions of an overcast everyday – finding “Beauty in Sadness”, as it were – Hopper’s dainty dose of bittersweet whimsy is a heart-warming introduction to a charming new world.

The tune is grounded by an acoustic guitar strum that evokes the punch of The Velvet Underground’s Loaded as lazed-and-dazed by a resplendent 90s slacker’s charm. On this foundation, its ambulating 4 chord sequence steadily grows, buds and tilts its head bravely to the sun. The music layers itself up and up like a Victoria sponge and, over a playful toytown march, it elaborates and beautifies into a gorgeous, wholesome, welcoming invitation.

Video: Adam Hopper and Jack Harkins