Lambrini Girls bring punk sarcasm and raw energy on new single ‘Help Me, I’m Gay’.

Already a highlight of their fierce live performances, the new release on Big Scary Monsters captures the band’s ability to blend acerbic commentary, furious riffs and fun.

Photo: Libby Malandrone | Words: Fil Pollara

I finally got to see Lambrini Girls at Left of the Dial in Rotterdam last month. It was raucous and bare-knuckled, the set sporting wall jumps by effusive (to put it mildly) vocalist Phoebe Lunny and sit-downs with the crowd to check if they were gay, all amid lashings of guitar and political broadsides at the sorry state of the UK – which the Dutch seemed concerningly familiar with.

‘Help Me, I’m Gay’ was one of the standouts and is the Brighton punk trio’s new single – their first release on Big Scary Monsters. The song rattles along at breakneck speed in just over 2 minutes. It is harried along the way by a naughty guitar riff and absurd lyrics draped in sarcasm about society and excess along with some pot-shots at dad. While other riot grrrl or punk outfits go heavy but give a pop anchoring in their songs, this is Bikini Kill-raw, no-nonsense. Yet above all, it is fun,

Catching Lambrini Girls on the live circuit is a must. They take their debauchery to Shacklewell Arms for a Bad Vibes all-dayer with Noon Garden, Daisy George and more this Sunday – before uniting with fellow punkists Loose Articles for a no-holds barred symposium of noise up in Manchester.