London noiseniks Kyoto Kyoto charge to the front with newest cut ‘trier’.

Welding teutonic severity with breakneck precision, Kyoto Kyoto are on a noise-rock rampage towards vicious oblivion.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell | Photo: Hanna Gabler

Continuing the fine work laid on January’s ‘Mirror Flexing Jaw’ EP, ‘Trier’ provides a fresh example of Kyoto Kyoto’s rancorous bliss. The cannoning drums and the fret-shredding virtuosity are innovated into song-structures that rise, leap and fall in seamlessly woven movements.

Black Midi meets the Black Death, Kyoto Kyoto sound like a hoard of monks sloshed too much mead in the abbey cellars, were ensnared by beelzebub, and started madly scratching out pentagrams on the arches and switching holy water for goat’s blood. 

Following hot on the heels of HAAL’s ‘Janus’, released in September,  London’s Blitzcat Records are carving out a niche for black and fucked-up armageddons. Halloween may have been and gone, but the world of Blitzcat and Kyoto Kyoto exists in a season of perpetual horror.

Kyoto Kyoto headline The Old Blue Last, London on November 5th, support from Moreish Idols and BUKKY.