Moreish Idols fuse a jagged, jazz-fuelled momentum on debut EP ‘Float’.

Words: Karl Johnson

Originating in coastal Cornwall, Moreish Idols as a project now resides in London. With the move, the band have bottled a furious energy, a chaotic state of mind and a nighttime-feel euphoria – every inch of the their new EP ‘Float’ seems to echo the sugary highs and anxious lows that living in the capital can bring.

Opening with ‘Hangar’, a pent-up, saxophone-heavy track that spirals in and out of discordance – lyrically noting the relentless nature of late capitalism – Moreish Idols place the flag posts for a concoction of unyielding krautrock/post-punk and jazz/funk. ‘W.A.M’ might have one of the most enticing opening sections of a track this year, melodic, sprawling and peppered with heavenly sax tones in some parts, tense and blood-pumping in others – ice-cold guitar lines and a propulsive bass groove never let up.

‘When the River Runs Dry’ opts for a gentle approach, revelling in thoughtful vocal commentary – its jagged, jazz-fuelled sound is as abrasive as it is beautiful. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Moreish Idols’ work this year, you’ll have wondered why you’re phone is pushing ads for trips to Venice and next-day delivery services – it’s due to you singing “a postman, in Venice” under your breath every time you see a Deliveroo rider (note. Zuckerberg is always listening).

The EP’s breakneck outro ‘Speedboat’ does what it says on the tin, it’s a glorious singalong that recalls an encounter with a speedboat-driving Venice canal postman – and just like Moreish Idols’ four-track debut outing, he delivers and is always on the money.

Buy ‘Float’ on 12″ vinyl here via Speedy Wunderground.