Chicago’s finest: Meat Wave announce new album with pulse-racing new single.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Patrick Houdek

‘The Windy City’ of Chicago is famous for many reasons I’m sure, Ye being one of them, deep dish pizza another, and of course Meat Wave. Today, the dynamic punk trio of Chris Sutter, Joe Gac and Ryan Wizniak return with news of their first album in five years, the 10-track effort entitled ‘Malign Hex’ will arrive October 14th through Big Scary Monsters.

New single ‘What Would You Like Me To Do,’ which is out today, alongside previous singles ‘Ridiculous Car’ and ‘Honest Living’ are taken from the new album, which was recorded by bassist Joe Gac in Meat Wave’s rehearsal space and individual apartments. Their upcoming album is deemed their most ambitious recording to date, vocalist/guitarist Chris Sutter stating that ‘Malign Hex’ is, “a culmination of what we’ve been doing for 11 years. We’ve been working towards this.”

“We recorded (Malign Hex) the same way we always have – live in a room together,” notes drummer Ryan Wizniak. “But we allowed ourselves to embellish more and take more chances with extra instrumentation.”

Meat Wave head out on support dates with METZ, The Bronx and Drug Church in America this October.