Ellie Bleach captures the euphoria of change on new cut ‘Tupperware Party’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Jody Evans

Sat in a late night diner nursing a cold coffee while the staff close up around them, the protagonist in ‘Tupperware Party’ find themselves somewhere on the outskirts of New York State in winter, in search of the last place they felt happiness.

With this lyrical imagery and vivid storytelling, Ellie Bleach once again takes us on a journey soaked in nostalgia and drenched by snowfall, this time from a bar mitzvah in Manhattan to an improv group in Pittsburgh in pursuit of true human connection.

Taken from her upcoming EP this Autumn – and following on from June’s heavyweight cut ‘Big Strong Man’ – Bleach soundtrack’s a helter-skelter rom-com-re-awakening through the eyes of a 21st century audience, creating an atmosphere brimming with the euphoria of potential change and re-capturing misspent time.

Bleach offers, “A tupperware party was an event hosted by pyramid sellers in the mid-20th century to sell tupperware products to their friends. I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for this story – even the background characters are desperate to break out of suburban monotony.¬†Tupperware Party is about a wall-street banker who hates his life , so embarks on a quest to find his first love, a girl from his improv group in college.”

The ‘No Elegant Way To Sell Out’ EP arrives October 6th via Sad Club Records. Pre-order it here.