Speed Wunderground signees Joyeria share ‘Colour Film’ and announce EP.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Alex Evans

It’s always a pleasure discovering what Speedy Wunderground release is next, this time its Canadian-born, London-based artist Joyeria who swims with an unhinged rock-country-whatever groove-heavy feel. ‘Colour Film’ threatens to fall apart at any given moment, as patient verses move into frenzied instrumental corridors, its chaos embraced and kept on the tracks with Dan Carey’s signature production. It documents “honest” chats with cold callers, practising spiritual freedom and acting in the moment.

Joyeria notes, “‘Colour Film’ is about the mindless daily routine of being alive, what David Foster Wallace called “water”.  I apparently have the ability to choose how I feel or think as I participate in being alive just as I can choose how I feel and think when I explain songs which is to say at times, very uneasy. But this song is also about worry beads, American G.I.’s running fighter pilot drills over Mediterranean islands, stray cats, ice creams and falling rotten oranges.”

Joyeria’s debut EP ‘FIM’ arrives October 14th, before that you can catch him playing London’s Sebright Arms with labelmates Moreish Idols on 12th August.