Bad Progress share the driving indie of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlantis’.

Words: Karl Johnson

The combination of jangling guitar leads, crashing cymbals and bubbling electronic textures brings me back to a love of secretive Manchester outfit WU LYF, I think it’s the hoarse vocal delivery style – which grabs you by the scruff of your shirt and implores you to listen. The track is called ‘The Real Housewives of Atlantis’, lyrically it seemingly takes aim at the degradation of society and popular culture.

The new single from Bad Progress is a experimental indie beast, opening with the woo’s and wah’s you’d expect from a Yeasayer record circa 2010 (see ‘Odd Blood’, it’s a great record), the blend of styles and driving instrumental feel allows the momentum of the track to take over you, as the electronic feel and vocal hooks drift right above your head.

The dynamics, builds and arrangement are spot on, whether you’re in it for the lo-fi feel dream pop guitars, the baggy indie vocal melodies or that change of tempo/ tack that kicks you in the gut like a long-lost noughties underground hit.