Floral Image share the video for psychedelic juggernaut ‘Magic Train’.

Words: Karl Johnson

The world of Floral Image is one of endless summers, fertile coastal plains and basking in the sunlight next to shimmering blue waters. Their latest single ‘Magic Train’ transports you to a better place, providing an ideal snapshot/scenario that only a familiar dream can create. It’s rewarding being lost in this world, a wandering psychedelic experience that allows you to drift out to sea tethered only by the track’s rolling grooves and warm drum textures.

Guitars wash the through the mix swimming with subtle sunken hooks, vocals echo in a space so heavenly it hurts, ‘Magic Train’ is a journey of the mind – a stroking of the hippocampus, a beautifully warped reality in which we should all reside, if only for 5 minutes at a time. Hailing from the Eastern shores of Norfolk (well, Norwich), Floral Image echo the regions untouched coastal beauty, a haven for exploration and seemingly musical experimentalism. Dig deeper into the band’s back catalogue to explore something deeper, more electronic-leaning and truly immersive.