Essex four-piece She’s In Parties reveal video for the haunting ‘I Follow You’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Maya Croft

Cloaked in gothic lyricism and evoking the feeling of lonesome walks in the middle of the night (see the fantastic music video above), Essex outfit She’s In Parties introduce new cut ‘Follow You’. It’s a track brimming with hope yet holding dear an underlying darkness, it haunts at every turn as guitars cut through a heavy mist of bass and drums – the vocal melodies floating heavenly above.

Vocalist and guitarist Katie Dillon notes, “When the song started I must have been in a clearer state of mind as compared to the second half of the song, as it’s far happier and brighter lyrically/melodically. However when it came to writing the next verse and it came out much darker/scarier, I think it must have been because things were happening in my life that weren’t so great, so subconsciously I was writing about it as these words spilled out of my brain and into the song.”

The track seemingly dips into folklore and the idea of the beast within ourselves, and how we often follow those urges into unknown and dangerous territory. ‘Follow You’ looks into the mirror and asks us to face the darkness behind our reflection.

Live dates
26th July – Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Been Stellar
7th August – Distortions Festival, Birmingham
14th August – Boardmasters Festival, Newquay
15th October – Live at Leeds Festival, Leeds