Meet Automotion, Last Living Cannibal, Pamphlets and Takeda.

Words: Karl Johnson


Once you’re locked into the ways of Automotion, it’s really quite tough to let go. Guitars dart and splinter from left to right and the bass groove never lets up, drums keep the sound relentlessly on track and we find ourselves thrown down a rabbit hole of propulsive post-rock excellence. It’s not until about half way through the track that we’re invited into the casual vocal commentary, which flows beautifully and picks its punches. ‘Dithyramb’ asks up to dive deeper into our own thoughts than we’d like to, exploring the darker corners of the psyche, as the sound skirts through the underbelly of progressive post-punk and limitless post-rock. Automotion have also announced details of a new EP entitled ‘Ecstatic Oscillations’, which arrives September 23rd.

Last Living Cannibal
‘Wicked Hands’ (Nothing Fancy Records)

Anyone lucky enough to have discovered ‘7 Years’, the self-released debut album released by Last Living Cannibal in March 2021, will know about the heartfelt songwriting that surrounded the record’s wall of sound, rolling riffs and raw alternative rock power. Pushing the Low and My Bloody Valentine influences of his debut aside, on new single ‘Wicked Hands’ Last Living Cannibal offers something more delicate and revealing. Vocals and lyricism are brought to the forefront of sound, the instrumental vision sliced between woozy synths and nylon stringed acoustic guitar. An EP follows this release in Autumn, and we can’t wait.

‘Somehow’ (Perch Records)

Brooklyn trio Pamphlets continue their reign of tight-knit post-punk fury on new single ‘Somehow’, the band state that, “The song is a satire about the performative actions influential people often take in order to promote their image while never actually doing any physical action.” Taking their cues from acts such as Ought, Parquet Courts and Life Without Buildings, ‘Somehow’ brings a joyous instrumental take on something quite souring – 21st century politics and the disillusionment felt by those left out in the cold by lifeless policies and empty promises.

‘Pulling Teeth’

‘Pulling Teeth’ from Norfolk outfit Takeda takes its cues from heartfelt folk vocals, brought together with a love for playful alternative rock – the combination of styles makes for a mind-bending listen. Drums crash with full force and guitars spin and spiral towards a progressive, psych-rock energy. At its core, ‘Pulling Teeth’ locks you into its tight-knit drumming and heart-rending vocal presence – and what a vocal it is – the track offers a journey of staggering instrumental highs and delicate melodic lows, perhaps a product of, “growing up in a dead end town in the middle of nowhere.” The track is taken from Takeda’s new album ‘Magic Words’, released July 8th.