Ideal Host (ex-Slowcoaches) share space-age debut ‘Dining Out In The Afterlife’.

Words: Brad Sked

Slowcoaches were an absolute favourite band of mine – and an absolute beast of a band – who topped up my raucous shred-heavy punk urges. Today I introduce Ideal Host, who’ve unveiled a bewitching debut single entitled ‘Dining Out In The Afterlife’, which features members of said band, Slowcoaches.

Moving away from the searing frenzy that marked Slowcoaches material, Ideal Host – the moniker of Heather Perkins and Sean Hughes – interweaves the transcendental sounds of krautrock, psychedelia and space-rock, gifting us a consciousness-expanding, motorik marvel.

Opting to take a break from music in 2019, Perkins and Hughes’ new project seems like it has legs, the new single arrives with the announcement that a debut album is in the works for 2023.

Heather Perkins explains, “I had reached a point where I felt restricted creatively because I was often relying on other people to interpret my ideas. Learning the skills I need to translate what is in my head into something tangible has been a real revelation. De-mystifying the basics of recording and having the option to experiment with both analogue and digital approaches has given me a much broader palette to work from. Sean and I have enjoyed taking a slower, more considered approach to making music this time.”

Ideal Host nods to the grooves of Neu!, the beautifully coiling sounds of Stereolab and Moon Duo – even the ever-seminal Spacemen 3. We look forward to the fruits of their new intergalactical research.