Glasgow outfit Humour pen a battle cry to modern Britain on debut ‘yeah, mud!’

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Rosie Sco

On their debut single ‘yeah, mud!’, Glasgow newcomers Humour have penned a battle cry to modern Britain, soaked in lyricism that reflects the harsh realities of Russian Literature (see Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel ‘Dr Zhivago’,) it’s the sort of art-led, pummelling indie that marked The Walkmen’s ‘The Rat’ an immediate classic.

Anyone who believes Foals’ debut record ‘Antidotes’ is an noughties classic will find love in the wash of driving guitars and bowing bass, though this time Humour prefer the touchstones of post-hardcore and post-punk as their sonic turnstile instead of jolting math rock.

Humour note that, “A lot of the lyrics are inspired by an old book Andreas read. In this book a soldier realises he’s about to die and writes his mother a note. I think it’s interesting to think about what you might have to say if you realised you were going to die in a few minutes, and what you’d then say to your mother. Lots of pressure to come up with something important.”

‘yeah, mud!’ arrives via So Young Records, catch Humour on the below live dates.

16/07: McChuills, Glasgow.
28/09: The 100 Club, London w/ Deadletter.
21/10: Left of the Dial, Rotterdam.