KEG continue to explore the bizarre on splintered jazz/punk single ‘Elephant’.

Words: Otis Hayes

With the video release of ‘Elephant’, KEG continue to expand on the absolutely bonkers universe that they first introduced us to on debut EP ‘Assembly’.

Delving deeper into their weird and wild sonic universe, we watch on with gritted teeth as the septet’s vision takes shape, absorbing fragments of the varied tastes and eclectic musical backgrounds of each member.

Guitars spills over the track, joined by drums, synth and bass, the groove laid down is a perfect canvas for Albert Haddenham to deliver his shrill vocal. The jazz and post-punk genres splinter and fuse as ‘Elephant’ pushes the tension, providing a healthy taste of their new body of work which is expected at the end of this summer.

‘Elephant’ is taken from their upcoming EP ‘Girders’, released via Alcopop! Records on September 2nd.