NANCY announces debut album with raucous lo-fi cut ‘I Hate Rock & Roll’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Sam Morris

Following on from last year’s EP/ mini-LP ‘The Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues’, a record which set the standard for NANCY’s explorative lo-fi psych-pop brilliance, we’re now treated with the announcement that NANCY’s debut album will hit shelves this year – sharing first taste ‘I Hate Rock & Roll’ in the process.

The new single is a coiled wrecking ball of all out rage, guitars screech and bend alongside thunderous drumming as the track’s delightfully lo-fi feel itches perfectly beneath your skin. Wrapped up in a hook-laden chorus, the love/hate relationship with a life dedicated to the arts spills through in the lyricism – the relationship between the economy and the workability of a music career is the elephant in the room within the UK’s multi-billion pound industry.

NANCY states that, “I’ve been in love with Rock and Roll; I’ve dedicated my life to it. But now Rock and Roll has become a ball and chain. It’s a cage of ambition I’ve built around myself; it’s a golden carrot that I stagger towards, an oasis of aspiration in a desert of economic despair. So naturally, I wrote a song about it.. I Hate Rock n Roll.”