Meet seagoth, Teleforme, Naomi Alligator and swelt.

Words: Karl Johnson


Despite the underlying darkness and the swirling subterranean feel to ‘Queen’, the vocal delivery of seagoth’s Georgia Ochoa rises with a hazy optimism and a lyrical resolution – beats clash against an atmospheric guitar sound that lifts the lid to a frenzied shade of escapist psychedelia. ‘Queen’ is seemingly an anthem in the making, submerged in a shimmering world of DIY-feel dream pop floating in psych-stained nostalgia. The lyrical delivery evokes memories of wading out into cold coastal waters on scorching hot days – on ‘Queen’, seagoth brings to life a sonic sunset of its own making.


Soaked in the lyrical intimacy of mid-80’s post-punk and new wave, a quick listen to Teleforme can throw up similarities to The Chameleons (in its slow-burning darkness) or The Smiths (in its melodic lyrical delivery) – but limiting the quartet to solely these influences would be unfair. ‘Tired’ rips at the seams of a modern existence lived through disruptive politics, greed and everyday suffering – but keeps the will of the people at the core. Bringing forth a tightrope of positivity in its upbeat corners and building instrumentation, while holding dear a driving, angular momentum in its guitars and staggering bass groove – ‘Tired’ is a call to arms for the memory of those living under the weight of an unjust society.

Naomi Alligator
‘Don’t Get It’

Wrapped up lyrically in the emotion of relationships that have run their course and shedding negative human interaction, Naomi Alligator’s new single ‘Don’t Get It’ follows the inner voice the attempts to lead us to a more positive existence. Complete with overlapping vocal harmonies and the simplicity of acoustic guitar and banjo, Don’t Get It’ is a delicate modern folk cut taken from Naomi Alligator’s upcoming album ‘Double Knot’ out on Carpark Records July 1st.

‘Red Mountain’

Exploring the tranquillity of the great outdoors and how our psyche’s are affected by the clarity and breathtaking simplicity of nature, Bristol outfit swelt have shared new single ‘Red Mountain’. The track is a touching ode to an evening spent in the glow of The Black Mountains in Wales, violin and guitar provide a soaring state of emotion while a whispered vocal delivery heads straight for the heartstrings. The song’s final third brings with it a swelling euphoria, awash with delicate drumming and stunning vocal harmonies. A new age of post-rock and folk is upon us.