headboy share new single ‘Toothrot’, an ode to frustration and absurdity.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Joe Magowan

The new single by London trio headboy opens as a heartfelt lullaby, twanging guitar parts rub up against a downpour of explosive 90’s-feel alternative rock. ‘Toothrot’ is born from headboy’s devastating, spring-loaded instrumental dynamics and a love for lo-fi minimalism. 

While the subject matter seemingly concerns the frightening nature of oral medicine, or perhaps those recurring dreams where your teeth fall out – interpreted by some as representing diminished well-being and depleted energy reserves – headboy’s storytelling nods towards something deeper than a shiny, surface level veneer. 

Bringing in producer Joe Futak, the band note that, “Playing live really influenced that song, it became louder and expressed the shared sense of frustration and absurdity. We really wanted to capture that energy in the recording.”

Headboy headline London’s Dream Bags this Friday June 17th.