Speedboat share the cavernous grooves and escapist-disco feel of ‘Theodora’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Ryan Cleave

Taken from their June EP ‘Better Men’, Brighton’s luxury-pop duo Speedboat have shared the video for ‘Theodora’. If deep and exploratory grooves are your thing, if playful synth pop and leopard-skin Y-Fronts tickle your fancy, look no further than this video.

In typical Speedboat fashion, ‘Theodora’ offers a breezy and effortless pull. Bass grooves and synthesizers interlock playfully, akin to the relationship of childhood friends – or in this case brothers – as the duo squeeze subtle hooks and feather-light melodies into a tight-knit, late 70’s-leaning pop sound.

On the song’s origins Speedboat state, “I’m not really into writing songs with overt social/political commentary, but I thought if I could satirise what I wanted to say I could take the song off on tangent that was less obvious and a little more fun than just saying “Fuck Covid, fuck the Torys”. So I wrote about getting a striptease from the Statue of Liberty.”

The music video, directed by Fergus Worrall, follows Johnny and Will Griffiths on a quest for a taste of freedom against a backdrop of government-imposed restrictions, by day they smoke cigarettes and eat instant noodles, by night they find their escapism in a parallel universe of escapist television – failing in their search for human connection. ‘Better Men’, the new EP arrives June 24th on 0800 MOSHI MOSHI.