Nottingham’s Cops Hill offer a drifting 90’s lo-fi psychedelia on ‘She Said’.

Words: Karl Johnson

Soaked in upfront emotion and dripping with lyricism that gently plucks the heartstrings, ‘She Said’ is the breakup/ emotionally healing anthem that we didn’t know we needed. Thematically revelling in the idea of moving on and sharing uncomfortable truths, Nottingham duo Cops Hill have shared a new single that kicks with a floral, slow-burning psychedelia that hits hard on a first listen.

Bringing to life a feeling of emotional haze, the jangling guitars that echo and sparkle in the distance of ‘She Said’ represent a journey of jigsaw-esque, gradual understanding, strolling perfectly in lockstep with ethereal electronic textures that guide us through its storytelling. The subtle vocal harmonies are at the forefront of the track, whispering into the ear of the listener like a diary entry read back to oneself after a period of healing has passed.

Both reflective and oozing a post-breakup grace, ‘She Said’ nods towards the subtly brilliant songwriting of 90s heroes Spiritualized, but with a lo-fi charm that aids the jolting instrumental detail and forthright lyrical delivery.