London’s Rainn Byrns shares bedroom pop earworm ‘Never Ending Story’

Words: Otis Hayes | Photo: Nicole Olivetti

Texas born, Swindon raised and currently living in Peckham, do it yourself indie rocker Rainn Byrns has unleashed frustrations of a mundane existence through his latest track ‘Never Ending Story’. The new cut follows on from Byrns’ melodic and playful EP ‘Country Living’, and is the first insight into his upcoming debut album – which arrives later in 2022 via Futureproof records.

Innocent and insightful, ‘Never Ending Story’ burrows itself deep within your ears, jangling guitars, driving bass lines and hook-laden vocal melodies shine a light upon Byrns’ humorous approach to the difficulties of everyday life. Lyrically he focuses on how every day comes and goes in the same way, creating a sense of vulnerability where the listener can relate to his saddened thoughts that are delivered with a wry smile.

‘Never Ending Story’ is accompanied by a music video directed by Taylor Torr, where we see Byrns in the hot seat of a therapist’s couch, where even the therapist ends up tearing pages from their notepads and tossing them in the air as a means of release.