Regressive Left share the pulsating ‘Bad Faith’ and announce debut EP.

Words: Karl Johnson

It’s hard to beat the type music that Regressive Left are making at the moment, after the slog and uncertainty of the last couple of years, people naturally want a big slice of escapism as they tot up their energy bills. Escapism this time comes in the form of new single ‘Bad Faith’, a track complete with biting guitars, swelling synths and crisscrossing vocals. The song also features experimentalists Mandy, Indiana.

The lyricism attempts to dissect the intricacies of living a life too close to the news and social media, asking the question ‘are we on the right or wrong side of history?’

Frontman Simon Tyrie notes, “This song essentially focuses on the idea of deliberately assuming the worst of someone or something they’ve said or done. Social media has really amplified this trend: everyone has to have a take. So we read between the lines and make wild accusations on the faintest of evidence. It’s something of an art, but one that I think is ultimately detrimental to society.”

Regressive Left’s debut EP ‘On The Wrong Side Of History’ arrives July 15th via Bad Vibrations.