Holiday Ghosts share ‘Credit Note’, an upbeat first taste of their summer EP.

Words: Otis Hayes | Photo: Johnny Griffiths

‘Credit note’ is a fast-paced poppy bop that urges you to dance in your seat as you watch people’s daily routines from the top deck of a gridlocked double-decker bus. Guitars are strummed with fast, choppy rhythms set over a swift drum beat and interlocking bass – the vocal melody delivered with a deceptively upbeat nature considering the subject matter.

Hailing from the South coast of the UK, Holiday Ghosts is the musical collaboration between Katja Rackin and Samuel Stacpoole, who release their upcoming EP ‘Credit Note’ via Fatcat records on July 27th. With three LP’s already in the bag, the latest being last year’s playful, witty and politically charged ’North Street Air’, this isn’t Holiday Ghosts’ first rodeo.

Recorded live in the studio, the Cornwall outfit’s new cut offers an intimacy and closeness, as if Holiday Ghosts were performing together in their own living room. ‘Credit Note’ showcases the faster, harder playing side of Holiday Ghosts, bringing the energy of their live performances. The band play a string of live dates across the UK in July in support of their EP.