Brooklyn trio Pamphlets offer knotted post-punk gem ‘Flowers’.

Words: Karl Johnson

Formed in the basement of a dive bar somewhere in Brooklyn, New York City, Pamphlets are the sort of all killer no filler American post-punk act that wears its heart on it sleeve and evokes an inner tension that is difficult to replicate. On new cut ‘Flowers’, just the band’s third release to date, Pamphlets offer intricacy and intimacy, moulding poetic storytelling around an instrumental racket that recalls the early DIY spirit of both Interpol and Ought.

Taking a brief pause from the jagged, high-tempo post-punk grooves of debut single ‘It Feels Like’ and March 2022 release ‘Shut Tight’, Pamphlets use their overlapping guitar and bass lines to great effect – conjuring thoughtful passages of sound to support the unique vocal output. ‘Flowers’ offers space and builds slowly into an atmosphere of reflection and nostalgia, blending delicate instrumental parts with pockets of heavier influences – the storytelling an unending search for answers.