Park Motive share the subsurface electronic journey of ‘Undark’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Genoveva Arteaga-Rynn

Joining the Spinny Nights roster, the Bristol tastemaker label that brought us Grove and Lynks and many more, is Park Motive. Debut single ‘Undark’ is the product of producer Sam Herschmann, who’s compulsive storytelling through a knife-edge spoken-word delivery reflects the subsurface electronic journey the track takes us on sonically.

Brought to life in the live realm with a sprawling six-piece line-up that offers an organic delirium to Herschmann’s dramatic soundscapes, Park Motive map out journeys that drag you through a jet black darkness, gradually lifting the lid to a blinding sunlight.

Park Motive state, “Undark follows the ghost of Marie Curie looking down from beyond the grave. She reflects on her life’s work and all that which followed on from her discoveries – both good and bad. I often wonder what she would have thought.”

The single arrives alongside a music video directed by Cuan Roche, with two London live dates, Sunday 1st May at Moth Club, Hackney and Wednesday 11th May at The Windmill, Brixton.