Philadelphia’s Grocer offer surrealist video for ‘Calling Out’ ahead of new LP.

Words: Karl Johnson

‘Calling Out’ is the third single from upcoming album ‘Numbers Game’ by South Philadelphia quartet Grocer. Sporting three different vocalists and lyricists that run riot over the band’s 90s-tinged rock arrangements, the collective explore a love of dissonant pop melodies and groove-hardened oddball pop gems. The video explores a surrealist take on working a 9-5 routine and how the madness of normality turns everything topsy-turvy, resulting naturally in an emotional disconnect with reality.

“’Calling Out’ came out of many frustrating years spent working in the restaurant industry,” states bassist/ vocalist Danielle Lovier, “and finally hitting my breaking point during the pandemic. We decided to produce a video ourselves that reflected that experience with the help of a few friends. It was very cathartic to run around Philly in these off-brand costumes lamenting the 9-5 grind.”

‘Calling Out’ snaps with all the vigour of modern post-punk, thorny guitar lines meet a fluid bass groove and thrashing drums, resulting in a knotted left-field guitar sound that causes your heart rate to sky-rocket – reflecting the venomous lyricism in its hatred of being lost in the maze-like existence of the current working world.