New Speedy Wunderground signees Moreish Idols share ‘Speedboat’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Holly Whitaker

While watching the remote control speedboat rip through the still blue waters of a lake somewhere between London and Cornwall, you’d be forgiven for thinking for a split second that the video for Moreish Idols’ new single was shot in Marseille, or even Venice? The London/ Cornish five-piece arrive as the latest signing on the Speedy Wunderground roster and with it release ‘Speedboat’, a spiky, bass-driven tale of a postman in Venice – “who never misses his stop!”

‘Speedboat’ is a balance between jerky 7/8 bass rhythm, lightning-speed drumming and barbed guitar parts that jangle and stab in equal measure – let’s not forget that washed out saxophone that echoes through the mix (in beautiful Dan Carey fashion). Moreish Idols inject a frenzied energy and tempo into the track, keeping the lyrical output and story relatively simple. Beauty certainly can be found in the contrasting styles of co-vocalists Jude Lilley and Tom Wilson Kellett, but they never overdo it, letting the heavyness and complexity of the instrumental assault sit perfectly balanced on the ear.

While on a post-festival wander through the canals of Venice in search of cheap pizza, vocalist Jude Lilley stumbled upon a unique experience that would end up as inspiration for the song, “..EDM blasted from the boat, as a slick, well built man in wrap around shades and a red polo shirt inspected his vast pile of parcels. He bent down, grabbed a stack and hopped off the boat. After making the drop at the house behind us, he hopped back into the motor and shot off into the canals. That’s when I knew: I wanted to be a postman in Venice.”