Strange Neighbours share dance-ready collaboration ‘Devil on The Scene’.

Words: Karl Johnson

Strange Neighbours like to keep us on our toes, on new release ‘Devil on The Scene’ it sees project leader Sam Abbo recruit label mates Dominic Rose of Fake Turins and Maisy Banks of The Winches, who bring their unique vocal deliveries to the mix. With its signature groove-focused bass sound, Strange Neighbours fuse crescendoing synths with dramatic spoken word verses and melody-focused choruses that explores waking up around various major cities in Europe.

The feel-good and danceable aspects of Strange Neighbours’ releases set them apart from the rest, one foot in the world of funk and groove and the other in a left-field storytelling strange – bringing together warped string arrangements and a trio of vocalists. ‘Devil on The Scene’ offers a one-off vocal collaboration to Strange Neighbours’ experimental dance formula, offering a truly immersive songwriting experience and a jam we can all get down to.