London septet For Breakfast shine bright on ‘Orfordness Lighthouse’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Simon Thompson

There’s an eerie darkness that surrounds London seven-piece For Breakfast, a collective atmosphere of soul-stirring and wistful instrumentation underpins their sound – encapsulated to perfection on new single ‘Orfordness Lighthouse’. The band’s new effort is the second track to be taken from their upcoming EP ‘Trapped in the Big Room’, arriving on 20th May via Glasshouse Records.

For Breakfast fuse the complex tunnels that connect post-rock with elements of dream state-pop, noise and jazz, entering into an immersive experience for the listener that offers its journey in sonic-form, layered with anthemic vocal melodies and in the moment lyricism. Harking back to 90’s heroes Portishead in their sluggish but relentlessly emotional drive, it’s the vocal presence that blooms above the circling unease of For Breakfast’s sound – world-beating yet truly intimate in every breathe.

For Breakfast lyricist Maya says, “As with most of our songs, I didn’t write the lyrics to Orfordness Lighthouse with a specific meaning in mind. They came about in the same way as most of the music – on the spot in our rehearsal space. They’re there for the feeling and the sound of the words more than a narrative or anything, but looking back on them there’s a sense of holding and being held, tension and release that is a reaction to the music and the journey of the song.”