Gag Salon share the chaotic ‘My Gun’ and reveal debut EP details.

Words: Karl Johnson | Rosie Alice Wilson

In a plywood castle within a weather-controlled micro climate far far away exist Gag Salon, who’s new video for ‘My Gun’ lets down the drawbridge of anxious and pent-up art rock brilliance. Yes the video is the icing on the cake for the track, but the quartet’s new single is really a true treasure for those who like to go on a journey with music.

Alongside sharing ‘My Gun’, the London outfit have announced details of the release of their debut EP ‘Get A Load of This Guy’, out on Blitzcat Records on June 16th. Vocalist and guitarist Joseph Mumford states, “It’s about a very agitated and isolated young man taking his anger out on the world”. The track was produced by Catholic Action’s Chris McCrory.

‘My Gun’ is as awkward as it is melodic, as unyielding as it is euphoric, kittenish in its desire to shock and shred. Synths squelch in the ditches alongside guitars that bounce between hook-laden and ready-to-snap style tension, there’s certainly a 90’s flavour to the sound too – which sits beside an unbridled energy and momentum.