Wet Leg’s debut album is a necessary slice of escapist indie.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Hollie Fernando

Everything is set for Wet Leg’s debut record to be a titanic indie hit, released just as the warmer weather creeps in, an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon in the US, billboards all around town and of course, arguably the biggest radio single of 2021 (from an independent label) in ‘Chaise Longue’. Let’s not forget that main man Dan Carey is on production duties too..

What’s interesting from the outset on listening to the Isle of Wight outfit’s self-titled album is its purest indie songwriting roots and surprising instrumental heavyness in parts. It’s crammed full of hooks and is a robust listen, there’s barely room to take a breath between tracks and the spine of the album consists of the singles that have been released in the last ten months. It’s crackling guitars, bass-heavy grooves and pummelling drums underpin the ethereal vocal melodies incredibly well, the counterbalance of pop sensibility and rugged instrumentation over the record is impeccable.

The album has a lot to love, at its best it echoes the hitmakers of the dance-rock scene of the late noughties – New Young Pony Club (‘Ice Cream’ anyone?), CSS or even Yeah Yeah Yeahs – some may disagree with this. On an indie level it almost touches on Alvvays or Best Coast at their songwriting best, melding scratchy guitars and driving choruses that nod to DIY-indie rock. Lyrically it’s littered with relatable commentary and keeps it interesting with two vocalists, who doesn’t feel like a bit of escapist-indie music at the moment?