Sunnbrella share an ode to club culture on ‘Fever Dream’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Kai Marks

With a direct 90s-tasting drum section and a wash of spaced-out guitars, ‘Fever Dream’ evokes the feeling of freefalling in a dreamstate. The energy and momentum in the track is counteracted by the never-ending haze of textured guitars and buried hooks, allowing the listener to lose themselves in the tidal wave of emotion and melancholic state brought about by vocalist David Zbirka’s delivery.

The video itself shoots straight for that feeling of escapism that nightclubs and gig spaces can bring, a sense of belonging, synergy with music and abandonment of one’s daytime self. Songwriter David Zbirka explains that, “The idea was to make the set look like a crumbling nightclub. We gathered as many free records, CDs and broken speakers as we could and we just went nuts. It definitely felt a bit wrong, destroying all that vinyl (although most of it was already unplayable I should add) but I think it was worth it.”

The video was directed and edited by David Zbirka, camera by Kai Marks, assistants and second unit camera Katy Thompson and Sasha Ahuja, produced by Peekaboo Luv. with Marks & Dahlberg.