Shelf Lives battle anxiety on ‘I Don’t Think I’ll Go Out Today’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Stewart Baxter

Hailing from Toronto, Canada and Northampton, England, Shelf Lives exists as the project of vocalist Sabrina and guitarist/ producer Jonny. Caught between the knife-edged tension of electronic builds and a thunderous guitar presence, the South London outfit return with their most threatening and emotionally-weighted track to date.

‘I Don’t Think I’ll Go Out Today’ attacks with all the anxiety and sting of a bout of sudden agoraphobia, bringing to life and soundtracking some of the very real feelings individuals face on a daily basis with anxiety. What really hits hard with this particular release is the way the duo refuse to be pigeonholed, proving once again genre tags are reductive as they experiment with noise and industrial soundscapes.

Shelf Lives exist comfortably in darker electronic spaces as well as in the dance-rock circles, a dangerous combination that should work well on their upcoming UK/EU tour with Skunk Anansie.