Roscoe Roscoe return with ‘Secret Underwater Love’.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell

East London dream-weavers Roscoe Roscoe specialise in a heady consciousness. Whether it’s the space-rocking dimensionalities of debut ‘Brain Retrieve’ or the shoegazing elegies of last year’s Lauren Laverne-backed ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ this 5-piece have clearly elected, with wholehearted intent, to forsake these earthly plains for a splendid life way above the clouds instead.

With ‘Secret Underwater Love’ , the group’s third release, they continue to ride these lofty realms. With trickly arpeggiations, siren-calling synths, and a feather-soft vocal touch, Roscoe Roscoe hand-hold you through portals to existential bliss; these open then re-open, pulling you in further and further, with ever more bounteous acts of unadulterated love.

Taking the postcard-perfect landscapes of Strawberry Guy and tossing them down the Sugar Candy’d Mountain, to a soft splash! on the ocean surface, Secret Underwater Love channels the quiet transcendence of some David Attenborough docu-study on cuttlefish or coral via the crystal clear ripples of psychedelic pop. It belongs on a quiet beach somewhere, during crisp sunrise, where it shall be left to play against the sound of waves softly breaking against the shingle, of seagulls beckoning encores.