Human Music offer up a blood sacrifice with ‘Fingers’.

Words: Dominic Rose

From the very opening of new Human Music cut ‘Fingers’ we are greeted by the tortured screams of a voice from beyond, setting the tone for the unsettlingly charismatic music to follow. Comprised of rapturous, squealing synths & a lyrical refrain that etches a blood-filled picture of demonic candor, ‘Fingers’ offers a groove that creeps into your subconscious & leaves nothing but its’ own filth on the table.

Merging twin flames Henry Cluff & Nick Gizbert, the joint songwriting duo of Human Music has existed for 3 months, 3 years or 10 years. Thanks to the sense of warping reality ‘Fingers’ sonically provides, it can be tough to gauge these things. Human Music have been exploring the boundaries of pop & crafting spasmodic synth drill to sell your grandmother to for a deliriously long time. Expanding their songs into a full band, they’re joined live by musical humans Shimon Joseph (of Le Junk), Patrick Bartleet, G Lo & Alooff Al Adin – a perfect recipe for their eccentric cacophony of destruction.

With the video for ‘Fingers’ providing a similar neon dread that exudes so brilliantly from the single, we’re introduced to their resident lion in the den, a protagonist that requires the ‘sanguine life force of his victims to continue his sermon’ – speaking on the track the band say “The lyrical themes explore corporeal commoditisation – body and blood; a bastardised transubstantiation. The ritual killings and feeding frenzy’s of this demonic clerk are grafted on to the outward optics of office/workplace banalities.”