Los Bitchos bring a spellbinding groove on debut LP ‘Let The Festivities Begin’.

Words: Alexandra Dominica | Photo: Tom Mitchell

From what can only be described as a salubrious, Saturnalian festival of sounds, on ‘Let The Festivities Begin’ Los Bitchos have created a whole bitchin’ world, sustained by its own magically bitchin’ atmosphere. There’s no doubt that the queens of misrule reign supreme and are poised to conquer the world. Hailing from all over the globe, the quartet are a perfect sum of their influences.

Original, pure and büyü infused – much like otherworldly Texan counterparts Khruangbin – Los Bitchos have honed something special within their sound. The band’s sound can be likened to a handmade, beautifully ornate clay pot of Turkish tea on a cold London morning. Sweet, aromatic and restorative, their debut ‘Let The Festivities Begin’ tastes like a tropical storm and is best consumed heavily and on a regular basis. Not to mention, it should always be accompanied with long nights of celebration.

On ‘Let The Festivities Begin’, each instrument and band member has their time in the sun, never over-indulging in the limelight. ‘Las Panteras’ is the soundtrack to a festival midsummer evening, as you watch the sun go down to a July shepherds delight sky. It’s blended together with salmon pink surf-guitar and golden guitar lines, swimming with retro-futuristic swagger. Likewise ‘Pista (Fresh Start)’ sounds like a deep dive into a kaleidoscopic subconscious, time-warping you into a percussive Beach-Boys/ Peruvian hybrid heaven.

This intoxicating instrumental concoction is the product of true cohesion, first the multitude of layers from guitarist Serra, woven together with infectious, jubilant rhythms and Anatolian psych grooves. Then married together with some serious punk flair – and Uruguayan keytar – by Agustina Ruiz, kept in line by Londoner Nic Crawshaw on drums. Completed by the garage rock bass of Josefine Jonsson.

It feels like Cocteau Twins and Talking Heads met the pioneers of Argentine Cumbia, Peruvian Chicha and Anatolian psych-rock and started a supergroup (think Moğollar, Barış Manço or Erkin Koray among other champions of Turkish psychedelia). With such a plethora of epic 80’s guitar sounds, juicy chorus pedals and just the right amount of distortion, Los Bitchos’ sound must be experienced live.

Ultimately Los Bitchos are a clear example of how you really can’t manufacture greatness – it can’t be store bought, it is naturally grown. To be this musically tight and so eminently expressive and spontaneous at the same time is an impressive feat indeed and we’re so SO here for it.