Bristol quartet Langkamer return with a nostalgic, spaghetti-indie gem in ‘Teeth’.

It’s the follow up to their superb debut album ‘West Country’, released last year.

Words: Karl Johnson

Langkamer are making music for the good times (and good lord don’t we need ’em), they craft music to road trip to, and songs that have the ability to transport you to a specific moment in time, delving deep in your rose-tinted memories. Written and recorded in just two weeks before their tour, Langkamer offer up a carefree and free-spirited sound that evokes memories of the changing of seasons and sun-scorched summers.

At the heart of ‘Teeth’, the Bristol quartet’s new single on Breakfast Records, the track focuses its gaze on how two individuals could be looking at the same landscape, but are experiencing it differently. Langkamer explain that, “Teeth is a song about envy and disillusionment. About happiness and nihilism. About grinning. How two people can look at the exact same scene and see it completely differently. Wishing you could see the beauty of a moment, and not just its odiousness.”

‘Teeth’ brings together hook-laden indie rhythms with entangled guitar parts, the track has a hazy country air to it which adds to the nostalgic and homely feeling of the song. The propulsive drumming, snaking bass groove and irresistible refrain urges it forward, forming a spaghetti indie rock singalong everyone can get behind. Langkamer are currently undertaking a 27-date tour of the UK, landing at The George Tavern, London on March 5th.