Obsessions with old faith healers and true crime. It’s the return of underground heroes Crows.

The stunning and warped new visual echoes the highs and lows of life since the release of their debut LP in 2019.

Photo: Jono White | Words: Karl Johnson

It’s been three long years since Crows released music, at least that was the case before ‘Slowly Separate’ appeared halfway through January this year. Today the band share the music video for single ‘Room 156’, on the surface an uncompromising psych-rock hit carrying a world of emotion on its shoulders, dig deeper and discover vocalist James Cox’s obsession with old faith healers and true crime – it also arguably has the best instrumental build and titanic pay-off section in the track that the band have ever written (just imagine that in the live setting).

“I used to be quite obsessed with true crime”, states James Cox, “and this song was kind of born out of researching H.H Holmes and the World Trades Hotel in the 1860’s where he would murder people staying at his hotel informally called ‘The Murder Castle’ ”. Dark subject matter for dark times indeed.

The band’s new album ‘Beware Believers’ is set for release on April 1st on Bad Vibrations Records (pre-order here), which comes with tour dates in the UK and Europe as well as a huge London date at Scala. What did we collectively hope from the return of one of London’s best live outfits? Exactly this, non-believers beware.