Dutch quartet Lewsberg release shuddering art rock gem ‘Six Hills’ via Speedy Wunderground.

The Rotterdam outfit ride their own wave of propulsive art rock brilliance on new single.

Photo: Els Kuijt | Words: Karl Johnson

What better choice for the label’s 39th release in its single series than Rotterdam four-piece Lewsberg. Speedy Wunderground and Lewsberg are surely a match made in heaven on paper – turns out they are on record too – both parties occupying a left-field music space with a love for the unusual. “They’re probably the band that over the years we’ve wanted to work with the most”, mentions Speedy’s Pierre Hall, citing Lewsberg’s self-titled 2019 debut album as something they (he and Dan Carey) “were completely obsessed with”.

‘Six Hills’ is built on pure energy, brought together by a motorik drum section and a relentless guitar riff that acts as a natural-born earworm, opening time and space for Arie van Vliet and Shalita Dietrich’s deadpan vocal combination to find a life of its own within the mix. The track seems to project inner turmoil, guitars squawk and claw at the edges of Lewsberg’s sound, bringing a fearsome and untamed edge to ‘Six Hills’, but never compromising on the internal thrust and drive that underpins the nearly 6-minute output. Cue the comparisons to The Velvet Underground or Television (which is no bad thing), but on ‘Six Hills’ the Rotterdam outfit ride their own wave of propulsive art rock brilliance. The track arrives on limited 7″ vinyl on April 15th.