deathcrash usher in news of their debut album ‘Return’, with uncompromising single ‘Doomcrash’.

Offering a patient catharsis, London’s deathcrash continue to prove the necessity of post-rock.

Words: Varun Govil | Photo: Kaye Song

To take your time and live at your own pace is a feat that rarely finds itself rewarded in this unrelenting status quo. The ceaseless societal demand to consume, produce and earn is a corrosive force that acts indiscriminately, often at the expense of art. So, then, when you see that in and amongst the grey skies of London there is a quartet that can stand strong in giving their craft the focus it deserves, you take notice. With that strength firmly at their core, slowcore project deathcrash doggedly demonstrate on their latest single ‘Doomcrash’ what happens when one takes the time to breathe relief into music. 

Having built an unmistakable sound on their early releases, deathcrash demonstrated the value of long-form post-rock songwriting. With tender, lyrical vocals and distorted yet restrained guitars coming together to release a torrent of profound emotions, every part of their catalogue became its own compelling journey. Now, sharing new music along with news of a debut album on the horizon, the London outfit continue to reward those who share their patience.   

Refusing to compromise their sentimental potency, deathcrash pair warm, hypnotic guitars with brazenly heated lead lines to build a dynamic showcase of intensity. Matching singer Tiernan Bank’s voice as it moves from gentle whispers to pained forwardness, ‘Doomcrash’ sees the outfit pulling from the deep well of catharsis that gives more on one track than what most bands do on albums. Moving closer now to the release of their first LP, the group beautifully validate their necessary existence with every move.