Honeyglaze announce their self-titled debut LP and share a music video for new single ‘Shadows’.

A tussle with the anguish of insomniac nights through a dreamy, melodious slice of crystalline guitar-pop.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell | Photo: Holly Whitaker

London trio Honeyglaze have gently nudged themselves forwards as one of this year’s must-listens. Extensively touring with The Lounge Society last Autumn, with their own sequence of headlines pencilled in for the Spring, Honeyglaze now announce a spanking new Dan Carey-produced album – set for a Speedy Wunderground release on April 29th – and with it, the dewy-eyed delights of ‘Shadows’.

Coming straight in with Anouska Sokolow’s angelic vocal, the catchiest, juiciest of choruses intimated swiftly after, Honeyglaze waste no precious seconds in pouring out this most pristine and pirouetting stream of candy-flossed indie succulence. As the lyrics tussle with the anguish of insomniac nights, Honeyglaze are our friends, cwtching us close, holding us dear, blowing away our fears as the seeds of a dandelion.

Channelling the concise crispiness of Katy J Pearson (whom the group support with a pair of dates later this month), and that classical, crystalline guitar-pop feeling of 80s stalwarts Aztec Camera, ‘Shadows’ is a dreamy, melodious comfort. And treasure every second, kids, ‘cause like the nascent paradise of morning, it’s over just too damn fast. Okay, yes, I’ll just start the song over again. fine – “sha-dows on my wallllll!”