Youth Sector fix another jewel to their barbed art rock crown with ‘Is Blood’ and announce EP.

Both the instrumental flair and the lyricism provide a surge in heart rate and kick with an unrivalled urgency.

Words: Karl Johnson

Since 2018 single ‘Dig it and Repeat’, Youth Sector have been flying the flag for charmingly wonky art rock with darker lyrical undertones, new single ‘Is Blood’ provides another jewel in their thorn-encrusted crown. “The red on your favourite flag is blood”, bellows vocalist Nick Tompkins, as the the Brighton quintet consider the consequences of a confrontational wayward nationalism that finds itself a mainstream voice more and more in our societies. On the surface ‘Is Blood’ provides a hook-laden tune to move to, while flexing its pop chops with a chorus that doubles as a call to arms.

‘Is Blood’ contains the type of free-flowing, driving bass groove that we’ve come to love from Youth Sector, one that increases the heart rate and kicks with an unrivalled urgency. Complete with competing guitar parts that bring an unhinged and hypnotic rhythmic tension, the verses allow Tompkins’ vocal to roam free as the choruses chase a sonic euphoria within the wash of fizzing synthesizers. This new single acts as a taster of the band’s upcoming EP “Adult Contemporary”, which arrives next month. Excited, yes!