Death to the mundane. Public Body gear up for a new EP with the cutting ‘Reset My Password’.

Frantic, polyrhythmic instrumentation meets a lyrical bite kicking out at businesses taking advantage of their employees.

Words: Ilgaz Hisirci | Photo: Chiara Gambuto

The follow up to Britney Spears’ ‘E-mail My Heart’, Brighton boys Public Body release ‘Reset My Password’, the third single from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Flavour Of Labour’ which is due for self-release digitally on 4th March, 2022 and on 12″ vinyl via Six Tonnes De Chair Records. Since their formation in 2018, Public Body have grown organically through their witty stage banter, frantic, polyrhythmic instrumentation, and epigrammatic lyricism of office work environments – they epitomize the sterile nature of the office setting via satire.

‘Reset My Password’ was recorded at Echo Zoo studios and produced by the band’s guitarist and production connoisseur Theo Verney. The track begins with Public Body’s signature brisk guitar and percussion, followed by sizzling synths and a bursting crescendo of vocals and guitars.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Seb Gilmore states, “At the height of Covid, everyone was clapping for NHS staff and key workers.. and that got me thinking what my place is in all this mess. I then logged onto my work computer and was advised by a popup that it was time to reset my password. So I wrote a song about how pointless and useless my job is to the world when everything felt like it was breaking and seemed apocalyptic.”

Touching on their forthcoming EP, Gilmore reveals, “Our new EP ‘Flavour Of Labour’ has a couple of different themes but it’s mainly about work. At the time I had lived in Brighton for almost 10 years and for a lot of that time I’d worked pretty terrible call centre jobs. When you leave education, and your first taste of full-time work is working for bad companies who are either taking advantage of their employees or their customers. How can you feel good about giving 40 hours a week of your life to something like that. So heck! I’ll write a song about it or like 10.”