Babe Rainbow tease a new album with 60’s-lovin’, sun-bleached surf cut ‘Smash the Machine’.

The quartet find a true connection to the rugged earth beneath their feet and conjure up the natural psychedelia within.

Words: Brad Sked

It might be the grey-laden winter months in the UK, but luckily Babe Rainbow are here to warm us up with another piece of balmy brilliance, as the Australian cosmonauts return with a jovial track entitled Smash The Machine. Hop onto the alchemic joyride that is Babe Rainbow and let them take you to the cosmos and beyond.

The quartet offer a soundtrack to the earthly nomad as well as the wanderer of consciousness. Whilst retaining elements of their prismatic sixties sounding psychedelic-pop, Smash The Machine also saunters into pastoral country and folk. The band find a true connection to the rugged earth beneath their feet, seemingly at one with mother earth and conjuring up the natural psychedelia within. Smash The Machine is another foray into the euphoric world of the Australian band, who reside in a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales .

Having already released one of the finest psych records of 2021 in Changing Colours, Babe Rainbow are back to business, delivering a consistent feast of tranquil ballads, born for the mind, body and soul.