Sapphire Blues offer an ode to togetherness and society on new single ‘Church Of England’.

Guitars jangle and thrust at high velocity as a bass line snakes beneath, we welcome another piece of the Sapphire Blues jigsaw.

Words: Karl Johnson

Sapphire Blues have returned with a new single entitled Church Of England, a track riddled with anxiety and reflection, vocally potent in its delivery, and with bags of pent-up instrumental energy. The Bristol band’s new single is an ode to their local boozer, a community staple and a previously missing social component in recent pandemic-stricken Britain.

Romanticising a simpler reality and missing a routine normality, such as seeing friends or going to the pub, has taken its toll over the past two years. With a promise of normality in sight, the band decamped to the legendary Rockfield Studios in the village of Rockfield in Wales to push their frustrations into song. Vocalist Sam Lance Jones mentions, “Church of England was written towards the end of lockdown when the re-opening of the public house was in sight, inspired by those washed-out days we endured, with Nietzsche’s ‘God is Dead’ statement – the realisation that no great metaphysical force governed human life and created a set meaning – reverberating round our warehouse rehearsal room.” 

Guitars jangle and thrust at a high velocity as a bass line snakes beneath, the pummelling drums offer a rigid backbone allowing the vocal delivery to dance over the track. We welcome another jagged piece of the Sapphire Blues jigsaw in Church Of England, which is out now on Blitzcat Records.